Free Spider Solitaire

Play free spider solitaire here, one of the most popular and most loved types of solitaire game ever made.



Free Spider Solitaire Instructions

Spider Solitaire is a very popular solitaire game. Many people have originally played on older PCs where the game was given away free in the hope that it would help people to learn how to use basic features of thier PCs.

In free spider solitaire the idea is to arrange the cards in columns so they are in descening order in one suit. If you get a complete set from King down to Ace, then that set is removed from play. If you can remove all the cards then you have won a round. To try and increase your score see how many rounds you can win in a row.

Any card can be moved to an empty column. A card can also be moved onto another card if it is one higher in value than card being moved. The suit doesnt matter, but you can only pick up more than one card from a column if they match suit.

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